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Highest Quality Medical Divice & Machinery
Most Trusted Partner

We have made a significant growth in product development and sales.
We have established manufacturing plants in China and Indonesia, having the main headquarter in Korea.

Turn-Key Service

We provide the most reasonable project design, the high quality equipment and the customized service to different medical device factories from A to Z for Disposable syringe plant.

Medical device automation machine

We can provide all necessary facilities and consultation for the entire syringe production process, such as product injection, syringe graduation printing, parts assembly, product packaging, and product sterilization.

Medical Device

We produce and provide cannula, bulk needles, disposable medical devices, raw materials for syringe production.

Better Life with
Young Corporation

TOP-POINT is a representative brand for YOUNG CORPORATION ,
who has been leading in the international medical supplies and
manufacturing machinery industry